Bright Noodles Recipe: A Tasty and Easy Fusion Recipe

Bright Noodles Composition

Bright Noodles is a delicious recipe I came up with after visiting Peru. Peru has such a wonder and bright cuisine. Their food recipes are typically a fusion of many different and complimentary cultures from around the world. I thought I would bring a little bit of that inspiration to my dinner table. I believe this healthy and delicious dish has Asian, Hispanic, and Italian elements incorporated into it.

Serving Details

Serving size: Approximately 4

Preparation Time: 20-25 Minutes


Chicken Breast – 1 1/2

Lo Mein Noodles – 1 Cluster

Ugly Ripe Tomatoes – 1 1/2

Sweet Corn – 1 Cup

Peas – 1/2 Cup

Vigo Marinated Mushrooms – 1 Jar

Vigo Quartered Artichokes – 1 Can

Cilantro – Approx. 1/8 – 1/4 Cup

Black Pepper – 1 tsp

Less Sodium Soy Sauce – 2 Tbsp

Sriracha Sauce (optional) – Your Preference


Mainly, this dish is created by simply combining the ingredients into a bowl, mixing and serving. These preparation instructions will include my recommended cooking guidelines. If you have a preferred means of heating the hot ingredients, then you can use your method.

Cold Items Preparation

Empty the Vigo marinated mushrooms into a colander, and pour out onto cutting board. Half the mushrooms and place them into a large bowl. Empty the Vigo quartered artichokes into a colander, and press gently to squeeze out excess fluid. Place artichokes into bowl with mushrooms. Heat the corn and peas either with your microwave or on the stove. Strain them and add them to the bowl. Cut the ugly ripe tomato into small pieces and add to bowl.

Chicken Preparation

For chicken preparation, I typically use Perdue Harvestland boneless and skinless chicken breast. This particular product is free of hormones, antibiotics and things of this nature. This chicken breast can tend to be a little smaller than treated retail chicken, so you may need to adjust the quantity used in this meal per your personal preferences. I will typically pour about 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a 12-inch pan, and add 1/2 a teaspoon of minced garlic. Set the heat to medium-high, and when the garlic sizzles, add the chicken to the pan. Cook the chicken on that side for 90 seconds, then turn the chicken over, cover, and turn the heat down to low; set the timer for 10 minutes. When timer goes off, turn off the heat, and let sit, covered for 10 more minutes. When timer is complete, cut the chicken and add to bowl.

Noodle Preparation

Prep of the Lo Mein noodles is strait forward. It is important to note that you should break the noodles in half before adding them to the water, because after they are cooked, if you don’t break them, they may become difficult to mix with the other ingredients and become tangled. To maintain noodle separation, I typically add a little olive oil and salt to the pot of boiling water, before adding the noodles. After the noodles have been cooked, strain them, and place back into the pot. Add the soy sauce, and mix. Then pour the noodles into the bowl. Alternatively, I have used spinach noodles, which can typically be found at an Asian market. They have a slightly different, pleasant flavor, and a bright green appearance.

Spices And Additional Flavoring

Finally, cut the cilantro into small pieces and add to the bowl, add the rest of the ingredients and mix everything together. And there you have it, a completed meal that everyone is sure to enjoy. Another great thing about this dish is that it can be enjoyed cold, room temperature, or hot, and has a very clean and healthy taste.

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