7 Ways To Enrich Your Life

Enriched Life


In nearly everyones life, there comes a time when we either get bored with how our lives are unfolding, how we mentally interact with this reality, or come to question the very nature of reality and of our own existence. This may be the result of having a paradigm shift in the way we think about religion or spirituality, learning about the nature of quantum physics, contemplating our own mortality, or reassessing our own accomplishments.

The list in this article is in no way complete or perfect. This list is merely created from my own observations, and I believe it ties into the top three levels of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

Everyone’s needs are different, and someone who finds fulfillment in say square dancing, may not feel fulfilled from going to a meditation retreat, and vice versa. Thus, find what feels right to you. Use some, all, or more than my list. And it is most important to remember that life is not a competition. There is no perfect way to live life. And it isn’t about an end result. Life is about the journey, and enjoying the path.

Medical note: If you feel like you are in a rut, and your life has dulled, this might be some form of clinical depression. If you feel your situation is beyond my article, consider speaking with a mental health specialist. They can assist with a wide variety of disorders.

7 Ways To Enrich You Life

1 – Meditation Or Extroversion?meditation in front of water

This list is intended to exercise breaking away from your routine and discovering. If you are an extrovert, try meditation, or simply spend some time alone with yourself and your own thoughts.  If you don’t socialize that often, and meditate frequently, then the inverse would be help.  Get out of your house and socialize with friends, or simply walk around a populated area. Call some friends and have a day outside, exploring.

2 – Cultural DiversityPlanet Earth

Exploring the varied diversity of our world’s culture is an excellent way to broaden your horizons. Not just to read about other cultures, but to actually travel there, communicate with the locals, share a meal, smell the air, explore their city scape, parks, and natural wonders. This can lead to a revolution of the mind. Continue reading “7 Ways To Enrich Your Life”