Where Are We In The Universe?

The immense universe: An open discussion about your thoughts after watching this short video clip

Where are we in the universe? Ultimately, we are located in a seemingly random location, in a vast network of coalesced interstellar medium. This video clip is from a PBS show called Genius, hosted by Stephen Hawking, which zooms out in scale from our solar system, to the collections of galactic superclusters that make up our universe.

After watching this clip, I think it would be difficult not to believe in the existence of intelligent life from other worlds. It also makes one feel very humble and insignificant in the much larger scheme of things. Belief in GodĀ is a topic that isn’t necessarily disprovenĀ or validated, but it certainly causes one to think about life and the meaning of everything.

So tell me thoughts. What do you think of after watching this video? How does it make you feel? Did it change your understanding, or reaffirm it? Whatever your thoughts are, I would love to see them.

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