12 motivating tips to keep you staying active and working out


This post discusses various methods to keep you motivated to work out. Whatever the activity, these tips are sure to get your engine revved, and inspire you to get out there and have some fun with it. So keep reading and discover what you may have been missing all these years.

Do you ever feel lazy, uninspired, or just plain tired? Chances are, you may not be motivating yourself the way you, individually, need to be motivated. One thing I have learned over the years is that everyone needs different motivation to keep going. What follows, is a list of things that I have found that motivate me, and really do work.

1. Surround yourself with inspirational words

Motivational words

You can write down inspirational words on posters, sticky notes, a notebook, or your computer. The point is to be able to see them, and read them every day. Repeat them like a mantra, and become the embodiment of those words. Also, remember why you started in the first place, and make sure it isn’t for superficial reasons. Over time, superficial reasons tend to diminish motivation for doing something. If you want to work out to be pretty, then add something to it. You could say I want to be beautiful inside and out, through and through. This will cut through the context of superficiality and give you something more tangible to work towards.

Additionally, make sure you know what drives you based on what kind of person you are. Some people need positive reinforcement to keep going. When they get yelled at, to push them, they tend to get discouraged, and fold like tissue paper. Some people enjoy being yelled at and forced to keep going. And others, like myself, enjoy the personal challenge. If you think you are too small or too big, that alone can be enough to motivate you to change your strength, athleticism, and appearance. Remember, it is all about the person you convince yourself you are. Continue reading “12 motivating tips to keep you staying active and working out”

Warming up and stretching: Why it should be a part of every exercise or activity

sitting stretch

Have you ever pulled a muscle, or tweaked something at the gym, in the field, or on the court? Does it seem as though you are losing your range of motion? If your answer is yes, then you are more than likely not warming up and stretching, not warming up and stretching affectively, or haven’t adopted an appropriate warm up and cool down routine for your activity. It is a common occurrence, because many people are ill advised as to the behavior of their muscular tissue, its limitations, and factors that help or hinder preparing the muscle for exertion and recovery.

Why is warming up before a workout so important?

Warming up your muscles is a very important part of preparing the body for an activity that involves exertion, be it aerobic or anaerobic. Before an activity, and before stretching, it is imperative to warm up the body first. Warming up the body delivers more oxygen, and increases the temperature of the body and muscles, which in turn allows the collagen fibers to become more pliable. Warming up and stretching sets in muscle pliability, and prepares it for movement. Pliability of the muscle during activity is very important, because, just like any other material, too brittle or too stiff when put under pressure, will break or snap.

Please note that you should also ensure you are properly hydrated and have a sufficient amount of energy reserve to perform the activities you have planned. Proper hydration can help joint movement, regulate body temperature, help circulate nutrients, and it also aids in cellular repair. Without proper hydration, you could experience cramping, nausea, and you will tire more quickly. Continue reading “Warming up and stretching: Why it should be a part of every exercise or activity”