Tissue & Bones: How To Maximize Healing

injured hand healing

If you have ever had a deep cut, or broken bone, you probably asked the doctor if there is a supplement you can take to speed up the healing process.  9 times out of 10, the doctor probably replied by saying supplements are pointless, because the body heals at its own pace.  This is true, however, it is only half the story.

Some Facts About Bone & Tissue Healing

The natural healing process would be at its highest point when and if an individual grew up completely healthy in mind, body, sleeping habits, spirit, and zero environmental toxicity exposure. In todays day and age, it is simply impossible to grow up with these conditions. The only way to maximize your healing potential is to get as close as you can to these conditions.  The following is a list these conditions and what is meant by each of them:

  • Mind Health: Eating food that contributes to healthy brain tissue and neurological functioning. Also, getting an adequate amount of sleep, and minimizing emotionally stressful reactions to situations. Reactions which can result in physiological stress. Additionally, challenging the brain with both intellectual learning, imagination, and reaction/dexterity/agility (physical) practices to continue the physio/neurological development and maintenance.
  • Body Health: Eating a well balanced diet to both facilitate a healthy gastrointestinal environment, and provide the appropriate elements to support nourished blood, organ, hair, bone, nail, and eye health. Avoiding inflammation by staying away from food and elements that you are allergic to. Also, regular resistance, cardiovascular, and flexibility training.
    • Mind/Body: Meditation and yoga help to facilitate the mind/body connection, and allows you to destress.
  • Sleeping Habits: Adhering to a normal Circadian sleep cycle, getting between 7-8 hours of sleep, and getting to sleep at a recurring time every night.
  • Spiritual/Emotional Health: Feeling a sense of interconnectedness to the life-forces around us, and recognizing interbeing. Also, not harboring ill will or prejudice towards anyone else.
  • Zero Environmental Toxicity: Clean air, water, and food (no additives, pesticides, or modifications). Physical contact with only natural, non-residue emitting substances.

Helps heal skin: Vitamins C, A, and iron. For more information click here.

Helps heal bone: Protein, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Omega-3, and Vitamins D3, K, and C. For more information click here.   

Important Notes

On the topic of supplementation, ones intestines can only assimilate so much material at a time. If a person is deficient in the intake of the nutrients essential for bone and tissue regeneration, then supplementation can assist in getting those intake levels up to the maximum.

Relaxation and a sense of wellbeing contribute to the healing process. When someone is under stress, stress hormones flood the body, and slow healing. This goes for the negative emotional spectrum to include resentment, anger and hatred. Preventing the negative emotions entirely is also not healthy. Through mindfulness, these emotions can be recognized as they well up, and then can be processed accordingly.

Alternative Concepts

Energy Healing

You may have heard of people with the ability to heal with Chi or Reiki, or heal themselves through meditation. Where this may seem like science fiction for many, I have both seen and experienced first hand the effects of energy healing. This is the process of aligning and circulating universal energy (Qi or Chi) through your body to assist in the healing process. I do not understand the process completely, but I can attest that there is something to it, and worth checking out.

Regenerative Medicine

Another direction that has recently been discover is regenerative medicine with stem cells. You may have heard of the man who regenerated the entire end digit of one of his finger with a stem cell powder.  If you haven’t, check out this video here. Where this substance allows tissue to grow back into form, it doesn’t necessarily speed up the process. Still, it is a very interesting discovery and application.

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